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Make data transfer seamless with the help of our flawless telematics system. Optimise your fleet business according to what the number has to say.

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What is a Fleet Management System?

What is Telematics Software?

Telematics is consist of two separate words - telecommunication and informatics. This is why the telematics system is responsible for long distance communication. This can be between devices and a server, or even between servers. This system is what makes it easy for fleet businesses to use data for their optimisation procedures.

Solutions we Offer

Telematics Software for Data Efficiency!

Our telematics platform has several solutions to offer. They can help fleet businesses ensure that their operations are not shadowed by issues.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    The system helps your managers gain information on vehicle’s location in real-time. Thus, there is no risk of losing a vehicle to theft. It also helps reduce time inefficiency due to unnecessary stopping.

  • Fuel Management System

    Fuel Management System

    Fleet businesses do not have to worry about losing money to high fuel consumption. The fleet management system helps managers reduce their fuel expenditure using refill/drainage alerts, and reports.

  • Driver Behaviour Analysis

    Driver Behaviour Analysis

    Bad driving can be the leading cause of vehicle accidents. This is why monitoring their activities can help reduce these accidents and conserve fuel resources. It also helps businesses increase profitability.

  • Video Telematics System

    Video Telematics System

    Telematics systems help managers receive visual data of their vehicle’s activities with the help of dashcams. This footage can also work as proof in case of accidents. It can eliminate any chance of distracted driving.

  • Route Planning Solutions

    Route Planning Solutions

    Ensure that you have pre-decided routes for your fleet operations. Thus, vehicles are less likely to get damaged because of bad roads and traffic congestions. Features like geofence, POD, and ETA make management easier.

  • Asset Tracking Solutions

    Asset Tracking Solutions

    Use a GPS tracking system to ensure that no consignment gets stolen or misplaced. It can also help fleet businesses track their heavy duty equipment. It helps boost the safety of fleet vehicles and reduce costs.

Do Not Miss Out on These Telematics Software Solutions

The features that telematics systems have to offer are plenty. They can help fleet businesses achieve automation and data driven operations.

  • Announcements

    This feature allows managers to broadcast their important messages and information directly to the chosen client, user or admin. No need to waste time in individual communication.

  • Six-month History

    The server stores data from the telematics software for six months after entering. Managers can use this data to study their fleet’s long term performance and base their optimisation strategy.

  • Technician Management

    Managers do not have to shift between various telematics systems to manage their technicians. Instead, the technician management is a part of the fleet management system.

  • Geofences/POIs

    Mark all the important locations with a virtual boundary. Receive alerts every time the driver enters or exits this area. Ensure that drivers stray clear of harmful areas using this boundary.

  • Downloadable Reports

    All the data that the telematics solutions collect are categorised in the system as reports. Managers can access these reports from the system or download them for study as well.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    Never let your vehicle’s damage get to bed. Always stay updated the vehicle’s conditions using the OBD scanner data. Learn about parameters of engine health and tyre pressure in real time.

Industries We Optimise

Telematics Software can be of help

There are a lot more industries that require live tracking with the help of GPS monitoring systems than you think.

  • Logistics and Transportation

    • Effortlessly monitor vehicles involved in transportation.
    • Utilize ETA and POD for enhanced task management, leading to improved customer feedback.
  • Mining and Construction

    • Plan routes, even in remote areas lacking proper roads.
    • Save pre-configured routes within the GPS vehicle tracking system for future reference.
  • FMCG

    • Minimize food wastage by continuous monitoring of your cold-chain fleet.
    • Integrate sensors to guarantee optimal reefer sealing and temperature control.
  • Agriculture

    • Obtain precise farm measurements using the concave hull method.
    • Seamlessly integrate smart agricultural practices into your operations.
  • Waste Collection

    • Strategically plan waste collection routes to prevent overlap.
    • Employ GPS tracking software to identify full and overflowing garbage cans.
  • Rental Vehicles

    • Maintain vigilance over your rental vehicles and encourage responsible driving behavior among renters.
    • Enhance passenger safety by implementing an emergency button.
  • Public Transportation

    • Optimize route planning to minimize delays, considering traffic congestion and road conditions.
    • Implement geofences to prevent missing stops and improve passenger satisfaction.
  • National Security Forces

    • Enhance patrol planning for broader area coverage during angled trips.
    • Identify crime-sensitive areas for closer supervision and improved security.
  • Medical and Healthcare

    • Efficiently manage ambulances and cold-chain transportation.
    • Reduce costs, such as fuel expenses, through the utilization of vehicle GPS tracking software.
Never Settle for Anything But the Best

Why Does Our Telematics System Stand Out?

Customise your telematics system to look like what you want. Never be a part of the crowd with your branding standing proud.

  • Tailored UI/UX

    Personalise your user’s experience and make it more in tune with your branding. Not just the visual, work on how your system operates and works.

  • Handpicked Solutions

    Ensure that you include only the solutions you want with your telematics system. Do not let clutter obstruct your fleet operations and affect its productivity.

  • API Integrations

    Customise our best telematics solutions with the help of adding more data to the mix. With more than 1000 APIs, choose how to operate your system your way.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    With the telematics solutions you decide to integrate with your system, also choose which alerts to receive based on the nature of your industry.

Why Should You Invest in Telematics Software?

The telematics solutions can be very beneficial for your fleet business. They can be your gateway to automation.

  • Better Visibility

    The system allows managers to access data about their fleets' operations better than before. No need to run after your drivers for updates all the time. Ensure that no hurdles are preventing your business from growing.

  • Higher Profitability

    Cut down on expenses by shifting to better data driver operations. Leave any scope of errors behind and work with proven data that gives you an idea of all the loopholes in your functions.

  • Improved Customer Relations

    Do not lose any clients with your top-notch customer service. Share your data with the customers and open the gates of transparency for them to trust your fleet business better. Grow your clientele by word of mouth.

Fleet Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, investing in a GPS-based vehicle tracking system is highly recommended for fleet owners looking to optimize their operations. It serves as the primary step towards automation, facilitating a transition towards data-driven management. The GPS tracking software offers a comprehensive suite of tools for operational enhancement, encompassing route planning and driver analysis. This system not only boosts profitability but also allows managers to allocate their time to other critical aspects of their fleet business.

Our GPS tracking software offers complete customizability, extending beyond a static portal. We enable seamless integration with a wide range of hardware devices, creating a comprehensive solution. With compatibility as a top priority, our system supports over 500 types of hardware, including eLocks, SOS buttons, OBD devices, GPS tracking hardware, and multi-view dashcams.

Sensors serve as invaluable aides to GPS tracking systems, enhancing their data collection capabilities. Depending on your fleet business's industry, sensors play a crucial role in gathering essential data for optimized operations. Our system boasts compatibility with various sensor types, from thermometers for cold-chain supply to load sensors for the logistics sector. These sensors collect data that simplifies operations and empowers managers.

Time efficiency is paramount for fleet businesses, especially those involved in transporting time-sensitive goods, such as the FMCG industry. GPS tracking systems offer substantial time-saving benefits. They eliminate the need for manual fleet operation planning, allowing managers to allocate their time more effectively. Drivers can also save time by navigating optimized routes and avoiding obstacles like traffic congestion.

Our fleet management system stands out due to its diverse range of reports tailored for fleet businesses. While GPS tracking systems in the market offer reports to identify operational gaps, our reports are not only customizable but also downloadable. Additionally, our cloud-based GPS tracking system retains data for up to six months, enabling long-term analysis and optimization by managers.